Ruby has long been popular for allowing users to develop complete applications in no time. Beyond that, combining Ruby or JRuby with Java opens a world of possibilities to call machine-oriented functions and manipulate features so that they can be configured. Today, Ruby is the shooting star among programming languages. It was invented in Japan shortly before Java was, but it was barely known outside Japan because of the language barrier affecting the documentation. However, an English-language documentation has long since been provided. Nowadays, Ruby is increasingly used as a productive web development environment thanks to Ruby on Rails. Ruby developers' productivity is many times higher than that of developers using the ubiquitous Java. On the other hand, Ruby can only be utilized to develop high performance systems within certain confines considering that its multithreading ability as yet leaves a great deal to be desired. But with Truffle Ruby there seems to be a project that will strengthen Ruby's capabilities in this sphere.

Ruby-Relevant Knowledge

  • Ruby
  • JRuby
  • OS-oriented functions for Win32/Win64 and Linux
  • Rails
  • JRuby integration with Java
  • Various mechanisms for integration of Ruby and Java components