Perl lends itself to the handling of small tasks and everything related to the editing of text files or text data. In all of this, the Regex engine proves extremely useful thanks to the powerful potential it offers to find and manipulate items within files. Moreover, a wealth of excellent libraries exist for Perl, almost all of which are available from the very well-structured CPAN website, which makes it easy to search them.

In addition, Perl provides the ability to generate or anonymize test data, evaluate log files or schedule automated system administration tasks.

By the way, Perl 6 is a completely new programming language with substantial differences to today's Perl 5, which make the two incompatible. The differences are greater than, say, between Ceylon or C# and Java.

Perl-Relevant Knowledge

  • Perl 5 (up to 5.14)
  • Perl 6
  • CGI
  • DBI
  • Object-oriented Perl
  • Utilization by Perl of Unix API
  • Regular expressions
  • almost 20 years of experience, even if I never completed a long-term project using purely Perl.


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