Many applications nowadays are being developed using Java, but the Java platform allows you to choose other programming languages than just Java. These are compiled to the same binary format (.class) as Java programs and can make use of the existing infrastructure and libraries for Java, at least to some extent.

Clojure works on the JVM and it is Lisp reinvented with current experience and functional programming in mind. Other than for example Scala, it forces us much more to embrace the functional way of thinking and programming, and gives more guarantees that most parts of the program are actually done in a functional way.

Clojure-Relevant Knowledge

I have tought the Clojure language three times to classes in three-day courses and given several conference talks about it. So I learned it myself and I can of course apply it in projects or teach it.

I participated in several Clojure-conferences:

  • reClojure 2019 in London
  • Clojure Exchange in London 2016 and 2018
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