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An Information Platform

Whether or not you have relevant and accurate information at your convenient disposal at the right place and time can make or break your business venture. Infplat by PF54 was designed with this requirement in mind.

Infplat is the official and comprehensive information platform of the Postfinance IT infrastructure. As a central storage and management facility for all data and information relevant to PF operations, Infplat serves as an independent information tool. Infplat processes failure information and production data; it also generates logs including diagrams. Moreover, the system is capable of selecting an appropriate channel to alert the relevant staff to a given situation.

The information platform is available for use by every Post intranet user in accordance with the user rights assigned to him or her by administration. Customers can, within the limits of their authorization, adjust the GUI any time to suit their individual requirements.

The application retrieves data (client- or user-relevant incidents) from Service Desk and serves as a platform for the swift distribution of information via mailing lists users can subscribe to. Infplat is considered an independent information tool of modular structure based on state-of-the-art technology (J2EE).

For more than two years, Karl Brodowsky assisted us in creating a new version of this information platform due to recent changes in the company and its IT requirements.

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