Training Programs: Introducing a Team to SubVersion; Acquainting Selected Staff With Ruby and Machine-Oriented Programming

In the context of a two-year project we handled for SBB, we introduced SubVersion as a new version control system shortly before wrapping up our assignment. Having succeeded in teaching the in-depth SubVersion subject matter quickly and efficiently, we were able to introduce other team members to the system so that they, too, would understand the basic concept.

Moreover, we gave talks in front of SBB's IT staff about the utilization of Ruby in general and, more specifically, for the purpose of implementing machine-oriented functions within the software of the ticket vending machines.

Prior to concluding our assignment, we trained several team members to fill our role, particularly in the utilization and implementation of vending machine software and supporting server software to guarantee an efficient system administration of over 1,000 vending machines.

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We are happy to pass on our knowledge, be it over the course of a project or in the form of explicit training.

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